Human Movement Pathways Program


To identify, recruit, and support motivated undergraduate learners of diverse backgrounds who are interested in developing expertise in physical activity and human movement and pursuing a career in physical therapy.


Students identified as President’s Emerging Scholars and accepted to the UMN Health Professions Pathways Program (HPPP) are eligible to apply for the Human Movement Pathways Program (HMPP). Additional Pathways into the HMPP may apply - please contact program coordinators to discuss. 

Dual Commitment

Students accepted into the Human Movement Pathways Program (HMPP) will pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology followed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, both at the University of Minnesota. Both academic programs commit to supporting and eventually matriculating accepted pipeline program students meeting annual benchmark requirements.

Progression Standards

Students are encouraged to work closely with their college academic advisors to develop a course plan aligned with the HMPP timeline. Students are required to maintain minimum cumulative and prerequisite GPAs of 2.8 each term and complete all Pathways and HMPP requirements to progress through the HMPP. Completion of all academic and non-academic requirements is monitored through a comprehensive HMPP Portfolio. Progressive completion of the HMPP Portfolio ensures student readiness to meet DPT program matriculation requirements.


The application cycle for the Human Movement Pathways Program (HMPP)takes place from March to May of the application year. For accepted applicants, the program commences on July 1st of that same year. The first step is to complete the online HMPP Application Form

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  • UMN Health Profession Pathways Initiative (Pre-Health Student Resource Center)
  • UMN School of Kinesiology
  • UMN College of Education and Human Development
  • UMN Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
  • Potential for additional partner programs, such as UMN McNair Scholars Program

Advising & Support

Evolving multi-source team promoting culturally congruent mentorship throughout the HMPP, including:

  • President’s Emerging Scholars (PES) Mentor
  • Health Professions Pathways Program (HPPP) advising and mentorship
  • Academic advising through College of Education and Human Development and the School of
  • Kinesiology
  • Additional UMN programs as appropriate, such as McNair Scholar advisors
  • Near-peer mentors
  • DPT Program faculty and research

Year 1

Students considering application to the HMPP are encouraged to work closely with their college academic advisors to develop a plan aligned with HMPP progression while working toward UMN Kinesiology BS pre-admission requirements and UMN Doctor of Physical Therapy Program admission requirements. Adjustments to required coursework may be approved if completed through advanced placement (AP) or other avenues. Contact the HMPP representatives (below).

Recruitment and informational sessions for the HMPP program begin in January. Students accepted to the program will be notified by July 1st. if they have been accepted to the Human Movement Pathway Program. 

To be eligible to apply to the HMPP in the Spring semester, students should plan to:

  • Maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Complete Health Professions Pathways Program (HPPP) requirements
  • Complete the introductory courses for Kinesiology (KIN 1871 - Survey of Kinesiology) and
  • Physical Therapy (PT 1002 - Orientation to PT)
  • Complete two or more of the following Kinesiology BS and Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • admission requirements:

Required Courses:

  • Chemistry I and Lab
    • Preferred: CHEM 1061/1065 or 1062/1066
    • Other: CHEM 1015/1017; CHEM 1081/1065; CHEM 10711075H; CHEM 1072/ 1076H
  • General Psychology
    • Preferred: PSY 1001
  • Biology 1 with Lab
    • Preferred: BIOL 1009
  • Anatomy
    • Preferred: KIN 3027
    • Other: ANAT 3001, 2601, 3611
  • Physics
    • Preferred: PHYS 1101W
    • Other: PHYS 1221, PHYS 1301W, or PHYS 1401V

A DRAFT sample coursework plan is available for HPPP and HMPP requirements across four years. This
plan is intended to serve as one example, as students must consult with their college or major
advisor/transfer advisor as they are making decisions.

Year 2

  • Coursework continues to follow the designated HPPP and HMPP curricula.
  • Consultation regarding AP credits and other alternative prerequisite circumstances will occur directly between students and CEHD/DPT transfer/admissions committees.
  • Students apply to other engagement opportunities and programs as appropriate (e.g., McNair Scholars).
  • Students apply to the Kinesiology BS.
  • Mentorship and advising provided in DPT admission requirements and field experience opportunities (e.g., observation hours, research opportunities).
  • HPPP is working to support preparation for health settings (e.g., HIPAA training, vaccinations).

Years 3 & 4

  • Coursework continues to follow the designated HMPP curriculum
  • Mentorship and advising provided in DPT admission requirements 
  • Access to health system observation opportunities
  • Observation hours in various settings

Human Movement Pathways Program

Questions? Contact Us:

Briana Partee PT, DPT
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Div. Physical Therapy, Dept. Rehab Med, Med School

Brandi Hoffman M.Ed.
Director of Undergraduate Studies
School of Kinesiology