Now Everybody Together for Amazing and Healthful Kids

Now Everybody Together for Amazing and Healthful Kids (NET-Works) is a study that integrates primary care, homes, and community-based intervention strategies to promote change in food intake, physical activity, and body weight in children. It's conducted through the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and Dr. Jerica Berge serves as a co-investigator.

Study Details

NET-Works is a two-arm, randomized controlled trial that tests the efficacy of a multi-component approach to preventing obesity in racially or ethnically diverse preschoolers.

The NET-Works intervention has enrolled 500 child/parent dyads and has four main components:

  1. A pediatric primary care brief counseling intervention
  2. A home-based intervention delivered by NET-Works family connectors to support parents in making changes in the home environment and parenting practices to promote healthful eating and activity patterns
  3. Community-based parenting classes designed to parallel the home-based intervention curriculum and provide social support to participating parents
  4. Links to neighborhood and community resources to support parents in promoting healthful eating and activity patterns for their children

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