The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR) generates an annual ranking of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded medical schools and their departments in the U.S. The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) is proud to announce that its Research Division is now ranked number two among family medicine departments in the nation, up from number three in 2021.

Congratulations to the faculty who were on the list for most NIH-funded principal investigators:

  • Michele Allen, MD, MS
  • Sharon Allen, MD, PhD
  • Jerica Berge, PhD, MPH, LMFT, CFLE
  • Jennifer Connor, PhD, LMFT
  • Brooke Cunningham, MD, PhD
  • Kevin Peterson, MD, MPH
  • Rebekah Pratt, PhD
  • Bean Robinson, PhD
  • Michael Ross, MD, PhD, MPH, MHPEd, MSt

An extra congratulations should be noted for Michele Allen, MD, MS, who ranked number one on the most NIH-funded principal investigator list.

This recognition gives us a chance to pause and celebrate all the research and scholarship that goes on in this department, especially during these challenging times. Thank you to everyone who contributes to our department's research efforts, including our pre-award team, Kendall Choate and Urszula Parfieniuk, who work with investigators from start to finish to make all proposals as successful as possible. 

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