Congratulations to Department of Family Medicine and Community Health faculty Roli Dwivedi, MD, a recent inductee into the 2021 Academy for Excellence in Clinical Practice! Dr. Dwivedi embodies an array of laudable qualities: compassionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to combating health disparities—a true example of an equity-driven, visionary leader.

In addition to her faculty role in our department, she serves as chief clinical officer of CUHCC, overseeing all service lines including medical, psychiatry, dental, and case management. As Dr. Dwivedi says, "It is important to build a care model that is holistic and looks at the whole person," and this is precisely what her role at CUHCC allows her to do.

Many describe Dr. Dwivedi as inspiring, especially during a time of unimaginable challenges and uncertainty.

"Every day since March 2020, Dr. Dwivedi has gathered what she calls her Dream Team in a morning huddle to keep hope alive as a daily practice in discipline and courage, reminding everyone of the community of care they are a vital part of," shares Christopher Reif, MD, MS.

Dr. Reif continues: "This belief in delivering health care to all people, via equal care and equal access, has defined Dr. Dwivedi's practices at CUHCC, the global health curriculum in which she mentors the next generation of healthcare providers at the University, and her leadership and advocacy at the state level and beyond.

"On a daily basis, Dr. Dwivedi confronts health disparities and is holding a light for equity as a clinician who works with underserved communities, as a researcher addressing provider and organizational barriers, and as the leader of a transformative task force in a time of pandemic."

The Department offers heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Dwivedi on this highly deserved recognition. She is a powerful voice for positive change in clinical care and medical education, one that insists people think about people and how structural inequities affect healthcare delivery and day-to-day life in general.