At a wrestling match, you expect heart-pounding excitement. But on Saturday, February 29, at the Xcel Energy Center during the state wrestling championships, that excitement turned to fear when high school wrestler Brayden Weber collapsed on the mat. He lay there, unbreathing and unconscious as Weber's parents ran down to be with him.

Tournament doctor Mark Berg, MD, Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program faculty, wasted no time as he rushed on scene. He immediately began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, aided by certified athletic trainers Karin Shelstad and Jenna Arnold of the Institute for Athletic Medicine.

As the medical team worked, the arena fell into a hush. After a few minutes, Dr. Berg and team revived Weber, who was carried out on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital. On his way out, he gave the crowd a thumbs up. The teenager has undergone several tests, but no cause has yet been determined for his sudden collapse. 

For Dr. Berg, a quick response to try to save Weber's life is all just part of the training that he and other medical professionals receive. Meanwhile, Weber's parents—and quite a few others—view Dr. Berg and the other lifesaving medical team members as heroes. Thanks to their fast-acting efforts, Weber is already planning a return to sports soon.

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