All of us at the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health offer a hearty congratulations to our 53 family medicine residency graduates of 2022. While graduation happened just a few months ago, we already have a few stats to share.

Continuing their training

Three resident graduates chose to pursue a fellowship. Dr. Janisha Manhas will be starting our Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowship here in the Twin Cities; Dr. Christopher Mullet has chosen an obstetrics fellowship in Savannah, Georgia; and Dr. Donna Ugboaja will begin an addiction medicine fellowship in Boston, Massachusetts.

"I am looking forward to working with and learning from doctors who have trained in different medical specialties now working in palliative care," said Dr. Manhas. "In the future, I hope to focus on palliative medicine in the inpatient and outpatient setting."

Staying in Minnesota for the majority

Among our resident graduates, about 77 percent are staying in Minnesota, with about half staying in the Metro and the other half going to practice in Greater Minnesota. Three graduates went to the East Coast, one went to the Southeastern region, one stayed in the Midwest, two went West, and one moved to Hawaii.

Training in Minnesota spells success for our graduates

Minnesota is still one of the top locations for a future family medicine doctor to complete their residency. With four distinct seasons and a vibrant and diverse cultural center, Minnesota offers a rich variety of activities. From ice hockey to beach volleyball, cross-country skiing to cycling on our many trails, the state provides everything from sports (go, Gophers!) to historical theaters to museums. Our family medicine physicians are able to create meaningful lives, helping to offset the risk of burnout or exhaustion.

Wherever our 2022 graduates decide to practice, they carry with them first-rate skills in primary care and the spirit to serve—which is needed in healthcare today. We look forward to hearing about and celebrating our graduates' future accomplishments.

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