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Continue to expand your skills and knowledge with our Continuing Education Program. We offer an annual lecture and other educational courses. Please see upcoming events below.

  • 21st Annual Jack Allison Memorial Lecture
  • The Shoulder in Sports
  • 21st Annual Jack Allison Memorial Lecture

    McNamara Alumni Center
    Saturday, November 20, 2021
    8 a.m - 4:30 p.m

    Patricia L. SheetsThe 21st Annual Jack Allison Memorial Lecture features Patricia L. Scheets, PT, MHS, DPT, NCS, who will discuss, Movement System Diagnosis - Application to Patients with Neuromuscular Conditions. The Movement System has been identified as the foundation of physical therapy practice and yet our systematic description of movement system problems has been limited. This course will focus on the only comprehensive set of movement system diagnoses developed for use with patients with neuromuscular conditions. The course will include descriptions of common patterns observed in practice; examination strategies, including movement analysis of critical tasks; and linkages between intervention research and movement system diagnoses.

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  • The Shoulder in Sports

    This online course is for learners who are interested in investigating the biomechanical and epidemiological aspects of the shoulder in athletics. The course will explore the unique demands placed on the shoulder in sports that involve throwing, swimming, swinging, and bodily impacts. The course begins with an investigation into sport-specific biomechanics, pathomechanics, and epidemiology and progresses to applied problem solving for rehabilitation and research scenarios.

    This course is intended for individuals who have a background in anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder. This may include professional clinicians and pre-professional students (PT, ATC, PA, OT, MD), movement scientists, or graduate and undergraduate students interested in kinesiology and sports medicine.

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Learn More About Jack Allison

Jack Allison

Jack Allison was a beloved professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota. He received his baccalaureate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota in 1954. He served as a physical therapist in the U.S. Army at Valley Forge Hospital from 1954-1955 and at the University of Minnesota Hospital from 1956-1957. His teaching career in the Program in Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota extended from 1957-1993. With outstanding vision and leadership, he served as the Director of the Program from 1978-1993. He was an accomplished educator endeared by all students. In 1992, he received the prestigious Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for his outstanding teaching talent. He was an inventor of two patents on devices related to supporting the head during physical therapy and measuring head mobility. He served on numerous committees and in elected positions at both the state and national levels of the American Physical Therapy Association. He was a renowned speaker on health care insurance and served as a consultant for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Above his many professional accomplishments, he will be remembered most by the 1000 physical therapy students whom he taught in his career for his genuine friendliness, helpfulness and dignity shown to all.