How To Apply

The Doctor in Physical Therapy program offers rolling admissions from July 1-March 31. Each application is considered as it is received, and decisions are typically made within 6-8 weeks. The class does typically fill well before the March 31 deadline, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. 

The application fee is $75 and $95 for international students. We do not participate in PTCAS.

Admissions COVID-19 Update

Application Instructions

Please make sure to follow all the instructions so we can review your application in a timely manner. Although admissions staff do their best to contact applicants with incomplete applications, it’s up to each individual to make sure they’re providing all the required information. 


Create an application account through the UMN Graduate School, and start a new application. Select the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus. Filter for the Medical School for the college/school, and then select the Physical Therapy DPT application under Medical School Programs. The proposed term of entry is Summer 2022

Our application requires:


Upload legible, unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. We do not require official transcripts during the application process, and you do not need to send anything directly to the program.

Prerequisite Courses

List all 13 required prerequisite courses. Be sure to include those you are currently taking or plan to take. Choose “In Progress” from the drop down grading menu for these courses.* 

GRE Scores

Submit official GRE scores. The University GRE code is 6874. Scores do not need to be sent directly to the program. We do not have a minimum GRE score that must be met. 

TOEFL Scores (International Students)

International applicants must submit official TOEFL scores if their undergraduate degree was completed at a non-English speaking school. Our TOEFL requirements exceed the Graduate School's entry requirements in the interest of patient safety and clinical effectiveness. For TOEFL, we require: Writing: 24; Speaking: 26; Reading: 21; Listening: 18

AP/IB Score Report

Upload the unofficial score reports for AP (4 or above) or IB (6 and above) courses if using these scores to meet prerequisite requirements.  

Observation Hours

List all observation experiences with descriptions and hour counts. You may also include other healthcare and non-healthcare experiences that you feel would benefit your application.* 


Identify two references. References will receive an email directing them to an online reference form. They will be asked to complete a form and provide a letter of recommendation.*

Narrative Questions

Provide answers to narrative questions. Please use this space to tell us any information not included in the rest of the application that you feel is important.

See exceptions for the 2021-2022 application cycle. 

Application FAQs

General Questions

What’s the term of entry?
The proposed term of entry is Summer 2022. Our program begins in July each year. 

Are there in-person interviews?
No, admission decisons are made solely on the application. 

Do I apply through PTCAS? 
We do not use PTCAS for our admissions process. Please apply through the link on this site beginning July 1. 

What does rolling admissions mean? 
We review each application after all materials are received (including letters and official GRE scores). From that point, you will have an admissions decision in 6-8 weeks. We review every complete application received from July 1 through March 31. The program typically fills before March, and we encourage you to apply early. 


I studied abroad. Do you need those transcripts?
We normally do not need transcripts from study abroad programs as long as those courses are also listed on your undergraduate degree transcript.

My school doesn’t provide unofficial transcripts. What should I use?
You can use official copies if that’s what your school will provide.

I’m registered or plan to register for a prerequisite course, but the school doesn’t provide a transcript that shows the course. What should I use?
Nothing. You don’t need a transcript for courses you are currently taking or plan to take, but make sure any ungraded prerequisite is listed in the prerequisite section with “In Progress” chosen from the drop down grading menu.

Prerequisite Courses

How many prerequisites can be unfinished at the time of application?
Only two. If you have more that you are currently taking or planning to take, please wait until you have grades for those courses before submitting your application.

Do you accept AP or IB credits for prerequisite coursework?
Yes, two prerequisites may be met with AP (score of 4 or above) or IB (score of 6 or above) credits. We do require an unofficial copy of your AP or IB score report be uploaded to the application in the Test section.

Is there a minimum grade for prerequisite courses?
Yes, all prerequisites must have a minimum letter grade of C to be considered (medical terminology is also accepted pass/fail). 

I received two grades for certain classes - one for the lecture and one for the lab. Which one should I use?
You can use both. List labs separately if they were graded independently

I retook a prerequisite course. How do I enter that into the application?
List previous attempts of prerequisite courses in the prerequisite section. When prompted, choose "Yes" to indicate that the course was later retaken for a better grade. Courses marked “Yes” are listed as previous attempts and are not used to calculate the prerequisite GPA. 

GRE Scores

I sent my GRE scores to the University of Minnesota, but they’re not showing in my application. What should I do?
Contact the Graduate School at with your application number and a pdf copy of your score report. They’ll be able to help with locating your scores. It can take up to two weeks for the school to receive and process GRE scores.

Observation Hours

How many hours do I need to have to apply? 
The observation experience requirement is waived for the 2021-2022 application cycle, although observation experiences with a PT, or in a PT-related or clinical setting, are highly beneficial to your application. 

I'm entering my hours into the application, but they keep disappearing. What should I do? 
Round your hours to the nearest total. Do not include partial hours. 

Do you require verification? 
No, although we do ask for a description of your time spent in each experience. 


Can I include more than two references? 
Our application system allow more than two references to be listed. However, we strongly suggest that you choose just two references unless you have a third from a unique experience. 

Who should I ask to be a reference? 
The requirement that one letter of recommendation be from a physical therapist is currently waived. However, letters from PTs are beneficial for your application. Letters from supervisors in other clinical settings, supervisors from jobs, professors, academic advisors, and other mentors are also good choices. We discourage personal recommendations.