This year, as in past years, the Department spotlighted its Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Discovery Fund for Give to the Max Day, which took place on Thursday, November 18. Once again, our donors' incredible generosity has allowed the Department to continue this fund, whose goal is to enable the seeds of new discoveries to grow into the medical breakthroughs of tomorrow.

It is because of generous and supportive people like you, our alumni and supporters, that we can continue to support researchers who share family medicine's mission to improve patient care.

For this year's Give to the Max Day, our donations totaled $3,635—bringing us that much closer to our fundraising goal for the year.

Over the course of more than 50 years, the Department has brought to bear many innovations in patient-centered care. We are excited to see what medical discoveries come to light in the next 50 years and beyond, and we will be sure to share those success stories with all of you.

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