Robert P Hebbel Research Day is dedicated to honoring the diverse spectrum of research conducted within the Department of Medicine. Founded in 1998 by Robert P. Hebbel and Leslie Kennedy, Research Days serves as a platform to acknowledge and exhibit our investigators' research at all levels of training. This event fosters an environment for learners and faculty to exchange ideas and knowledge and stimulates discussions on potential collaborative prospects, paving the way for future opportunities.

Keynote Speaker Lisa Schilling, MD, President of the American Heart Association, Director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, and a Simon H. Stertzer MD Professor of Medicine and Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine presented at Grand Rounds the afternoon of May 9th on her topic “Data Ownership and Privacy in the Era of Big Data Research”.

Following the talk, the afternoon was filled with over 100 poster presentations, showcasing medical research across the University and beyond.

On Friday, Dr. Peter Crawdord presented at the Research Day Award Ceremony, recognizing those with exceptional abstracts and presentations. Dr. Shanaz Sultan also announced the new DARE and ERA awardees from DEI. 2023 DRAW awardee, Dame Idossa, presented an update on her project "Characterizing the Logistic Toxicity of Cancer Treatment in non-English Speaking Population Undergoing Active Treatment."

DEI Awardees


The purpose of the Diversity Award for Research Equity (DARE) is to provide funding to early to mid-career faculty to increase their academic productivity, expand their research portfolio, and promote career advancement. Congratulations to Dr. Alejandra Gutierrez Banel, Assistant Professor of Medicine!


The Dr. Anne Joseph Early-Career Research Award (ERA) is dedicated to sustaining the research productivity and retention of early-career faculty who temporarily stepped away from research for caregiving responsibilities, aligning with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Lofgren, Assistant Professor of Medicine!

Poster Competition Winners

Fellow/Post-Doc Basic Science:

  • Zachary Shaheen
  • Patrick Ernst
  • Alisa Nelson

Fellow/Post-Doc Clinical Science:

  • Josh Trujeque
  • Rahul Karna

Graduate Student Basic Science:

  • Eric Queathem
  • Jenna Dick
  • Mahima Devarajan

Medical Student, Undergrad Student, High School Student Basic and Clinical Science:

  • Allison Makovec
  • Elizabeth Ngo
  • Dannah Nephew

Resident Clinical Research:

  • Anwei Gwan
  • Tessa Herman
  • Jenson Phung

Staff Basic and Clinical Science:

  • Courtney Baar
  • Jacob Rugloski
  • Ana Alves
  • Andrea Torniainen