Drs. Debes and Leventhal Look to Predict the Onset of Acute Liver Injury

University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Medicine faculty Jose Debes, MD, and Thomas Leventhal, MD, are looking to predict the onset of acute liver injury in patients with COVID-19 as well as mortality and other outcomes.

“In general, our project is taking blood samples from people infected with COVID-19 and looking at markers of inflammation that are very specific to the liver. We are then looking at the clinical data of what happens to these people throughout their hospital course," said Dr. Leventhal. "Did they require a ventilator? What was the length of stay in the ICU? Did they survive the infection? Did they have a severe liver injury? Our thought was that if we could figure out which types of hepatic inflammatory markers are abnormal in this population, then we could possibly predict future outcomes for this very serious disease.”

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