Elizabeth Martinez Martinez

Assistant Professor
Director of Behavioral Health, North Memorial Family Medicine Residency


Elizabeth Martinez, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and director of behavioral health at the North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program. She completed her postdoctoral training in primary care behavioral health at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Martinez has a special interest in community-grounded research, mental health promotion, and intervention with racial/ethnic minorities and immigrant/refugee families. She enjoys providing integrated behavioral health services in the primary care setting and teaching behavioral science to family medicine residents.

Research Summary

Stress and resilience in Latinx immigrant families; racial/ethnic health disparities; primary care behavioral health prevention and intervention.

Teaching Summary

Dr. Martinez provides behavioral science and education to family medicine residents and training in patient-centered communication. Teaching areas: Integrated behavioral health; patient-centered care; motivational interviewing; health behavior change.

Service Summary

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the Latinx population, Dr. Martinez partnered with local organizations and news outlets such as CLUES, Univision MN, and TPT to provide outreach, COVID-19, and mental health information to the Spanish-speaking community. Additional informational videos and releases have been ongoing as needed.

Clinical Summary

Depression; anxiety; trauma; health behavior change




Broadway Family Medicine Clinic
2426 West Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55411