Lisa Zak-Hunter

Assistant Professor


Dr. Zak-Hunter is the Director of Behavioral Health at St. John's Family Medicine Residency/Phalen Village Clinic. She completed her doctoral internship at St. John's in 2011. She provides integrated behavioral healthcare, teaches and oversees the family medicine residents' curriculum related to mental/behavioral/social health, physician office-based counseling and communication skills, and well-being/resilience. She supervises the behavioral health/medical family therapy pre-doctoral internship at St. John's. She is co-founder and chair of the Medical Family Therapy Consortium, a national group of professionals addressing workforce development, advocacy, training, and education for family therapists in healthcare settings. Her interests include integrated behavioral healthcare, medical family therapy, family centered healthcare, primary care approaches to trauma and adverse life experiences, and provider well-being.

Research Summary

Provider and resident personal and relational wellbeing, family-centered care, primary care approaches to adverse experience and trauma, adult eating disorders.

Clinical Summary

Integrated behavioral healthcare, medical family therapy, family-centered healthcare, impact of disease on personal and family functioning.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Zak-Hunter, L., 2011. Collaborative Family Healthcare Association .
Zak-Hunter, L., Templeton, G. B., Burwell, S. R., 2009. Partner communication and supportive responses promote breast cancer adjustment in young women. Psycho-Oncology, S54-S55.



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