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As part of the University of Minnesota’s mission to change lives through research, education and outreach, the Division prides itself in its approach to educating learners and conducting research.

Although many faculty primarily focus their work in the clinical space, Division faculty publish scholarly papers in influential journals such as Journal of General Internal Medicine, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, JAMA, Journal of Medical Virology, Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, Journal of the American Heart Association, Pediatrics, PLoS One. In 2021, faculty published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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Primary Care Program

At the Primary Care Clinic in the M Health Clinics and Surgery Center, we provide

comprehensive care for a broad spectrum of conditions across all ages.  The team includes doctors, advanced practice providers, and nurses, as well as a multidisciplinary group of pharmacists, social workers, health psychologists and behavioral health specialists.  This unique group of physicians and nurse practitioners are trained in family medicine, internal medicine, integrative medicine and pediatrics.  Faculty providers offer compassionate and coordinated care to patients at all stages of life, including routine preventative care, gynecology services, immunizations and health care screenings, treatment of chronic and acute conditions, and referrals to a broad network of specialty services.

A significant part of the Primary Care Program is the Continuity Clinic. This clinic is a critical part of an internal medicine residency experience. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, residents participate in a primary care clinic. This system provides continuity with patients and faculty, and allows the resident to develop a professional relationship with patients, observe progression of disease, and improve the quality of their own care.

The Primary Care Program also provides care at the Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC) which specializes in primary care services to low-income families within the Minneapolis area. This care center is also a location for several students and residents who come from unique medical backgrounds (dentistry, psychiatry, and medicine) to complete clinical rotations. Providers work towards transforming care and education to advance health equity. 


Primary Care Clinic

Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)


Primary Care Clinic
M Health Fairview - Minneapolis
Clinics and Surgery Center - Floor 4
909 Fulton Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Appointments: (612) 624-9499

Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)
2001 Bloomington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Appointments: (612) 301-3433

Indian Health Service - Rosebud
400 Soldier Creek Drive
Rosebud, SD 57570

Phillips Neighborhood Clinic
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
2742 15th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55407
Appointments: 612-724-1690

Geriatrics Program

The Geriatrics Program is a newly established program within the Division of Geriatrics, Palliative, and Primary Care. Faculty that specialize in aging medicine, with an emphasis on optimizing older individuals' health, now have an academic home in the division.  In partnership with the Medical School’s affiliate locations, Hennepin Healthcare and Veteran Affairs Health Care System, the Geriatrics Program seeks to improve care of older patients, train physicians to provide exceptional care to the aging population, and engage in research that fosters improved outcomes and quality of life for older individuals.


Palliative Care Program

The Palliative Care Program is a newly established program within the Division of

Geriatrics, Palliative, and Primary Care. The program consists of faculty and medical providers that specialize in providing palliative care to patients and families facing serious illness in outpatient and inpatient settings. 

In partnership with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, the program supports the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship. As part of the inpatient practice, palliative care providers work as part of a care consult team that includes advanced practice providers, social workers, and spiritual health providers, to provide inpatient consultations while training fellows.

Health Psychology Program

The Health Psychology Program is a specialty within psychology that helps people cope with the psychological challenges that often occur with illness or injury. Health psychology is a growing field within psychology, which utilizes the contributions of the science of psychology to promote and maintain health, prevent illness, and identify causes related to health, illness, and wellbeing.

Working with primary care and specialty care physicians and other health professionals, our doctoral-level psychologists see patients at the M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center and when they are hospitalized at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Clinical health psychology services are part of the comprehensive care plan developed by a patient’s care team to ensure the highest level care possible.

Faculty health psychologists are active clinicians, as well as researchers, who are involved in scholarship while delivering quality health care services in collaboration with physicians and other health professionals. On a daily basis, faculty providers focus on the integration of science and practice. Health psychologists are involved in a range of research, educational, and clinical activities, including a two-year clinical post-doctoral fellowship in health psychology. The fellowship thoroughly prepares psychologists for careers in clinical health psychology, including preparation for work in academic health centers, supervised in-patient and out-patient clinical experiences, and opportunities to participate in research and educational activities. The fellowship provides experience in providing care to diverse populations, with a wide range of medical diagnoses.


Rachel Barnes, PhD
Brooke Palmer, PhD
Megan Petrik, PhD, LP, ABPP
William Robiner, PhD, ABPP, LP
Janet Thomas, PhD, LP
Kristi White, PhD, LP, ABPP


Health Psychology
M Health Fairview - Minneapolis
Clinics and Surgery Center - Floor 3
Diagnostic and Testing Area
909 Fulton Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Appointments: (612) 624-9499