Hebbel Research Days are dedicated to honoring the diverse spectrum of research conducted within the Department of Medicine. Founded in 1998 by Robert P. Hebbel and Leslie Kennedy, Research Days serves as a platform to acknowledge and exhibit our investigators' research at all levels of training. This event fosters an environment for departmental faculty to exchange ideas and knowledge and stimulates discussions on potential collaborative prospects, paving the way for future opportunities.

During the symposium on Thursday, May 11, Susan M. Wolf, JD, Regents Professor and McKnight Presidential Professor of Law, delivered an inspiring presentation titled "Bridging Research and Clinical Care: The Growing Practice of Returning Results to Research Participants." 

In the afternoon, the event featured a remarkable turnout of 115 participants who shared their research through engaged conversations. At this poster session program, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Staff Advancing Diversity & Inclusion (SADI); SoLaHmo Partnership for Health and Wellness; and the Center for Chronic Disease Reduction and Equity Promotion Across Minnesota (C2DREAM) all received special recognition for their significant work.

DARE Award

The following day, Friday, May 12, recipients of the DARE award was recognized.

The Diversity Award for Research Equity (DARE) provides funding to early to mid-career faculty who will conduct research that addresses inequities in health or healthcare access to increase their academic productivity, expand their research portfolio and promote career development. 

Casey Dorr presented the work he did while being the 2020 recipient of the DARE award and awarded Damé Idossa, MD, an assistant professor of medicine. Dr. Idossa received the 2023 DARE award for her innovative research project titled "Characterizing the Logistic Toxicity of cancer treatment in non-English speaking population undergoing active treatment."

Additionally, we celebrated the poster competition winners from the previous evening. Following the awards ceremony, we were privileged to have John Carethers, MD, Vice Chancellor, UC San Diego Health Sciences, delivered the day's keynote address, "Environmental Influences on Colorectal Cancer."

Poster Competition Winners

  • Sahar Lotfi-Emran (Faculty Award Basic & Clinical Research)
  • Zalaya Ivy (Fellow/ PostDoc Basic Research Only)
  • Joseph Skeate (Fellow/ PostDoc Basic Research Only)
  • Parag Bawaskar (Fellow/ PostDoc Clinical Research Only)
  • Sean Pickthorn (Fellow/ PostDoc Clinical Research Only)
  • Shamim Ahmed (Graduate Student Basic Research Only)
  • Gwen Phung (Graduate Student Basic Research Only)
  • Thijs Larson (Medical Student/ Undergraduate/ Highschool student Basic & Clinical Research)
  • Alison Wong (Medical Student/ Undergraduate/ Highschool student Basic & Clinical Research)
  • Summer Gerhardt (Medical Student/ Undergraduate/ Highschool student Basic & Clinical Research)
  • Spencer Goble (Resident Clinical Research Only)
  • Manaswita Tappata (Resident Clinical Research Only)
  • Marinos Kosmopoulos (Resident Clinical Research Only)
  • Maria Martell (Staff Basic & Clinical Research)
  • Hannah Bergom (Staff Basic & Clinical Research)

Lastly, the Department of Medicine extends a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Leslie Kennedy, whose remarkable leadership in research administration has spanned an impressive 34 years. Kennedy's guidance and dedication have impacted the department and greatly influenced the U of M Medical School. We are immensely grateful for her exceptional leadership.