Arkady Khodursky, PhD

Associate Professor, and Biophysics Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Arkady Khodursky

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-625-3799

Associate Professor, and Biophysics Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Faculty, PhD Program in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Faculty, Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (MICaB) Ph.D. Graduate Program

PhD, University of California - Berkeley, 1997



Functional genomics, Analysis of gene expression patterns, Microarray applications


Research Summary/Interests

Functional genomics and bioinformatics
My laboratory studies transcriptional activity of genomes of model microbes: Escherichia coli, Synechocystis and Saccaromyces cerevisiae. We design, produce and use whole genome DNA microarrays to understand the relationships between genotypes and phenotypes, between the structure of a chromosome and its transcriptional activity, between environmental perturbations and transcriptional responses.

We are determining temporal sequences of transcriptional events in response to elementary stimuli and we expect that such analysis will provide insights into the basis of regulation, pathway connectivity and the flow of information inside the cell.

Analysis of transcriptional profiles as a function of the position of genes on the chromosome revealed remarkable complexity in the organization of the bacterial chromosome. Our studies aim at understanding global and local chromosomal structural properties and how these properties contribute to the chromosome function in the processes of transcription, replication and recombination and determine the positional basis of genetic plasticity.


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