Emily Stock

Emily Stock, MS4

Name: Emily Stock (she/her), MS4

Email: stock444@umn.edu

What aspects of the curriculum at University of Minnesota Medical School are your favorite? 

I love our clinical rotations for the people and the variety of sites we have the opportunity to rotate at! Everyone (including the attendings, residents, nurses, other healthcare professionals) I have worked with are super nice and eager to teach and find opportunities for medical students to be involved if you are excited to learn. Given that the UMN has multiple hospital/clinic sites it is affiliated with, we as medical students have ample opportunities to experience a diverse variety of medical practices and healthcare systems, which has helped me get a great sense of the types of working environments I thrive best in. I am also grateful for how receptive to student feedback the UMN is, both for preclinical and clinical curriculum. The program is constantly working to be the best it can be so we medical students receive the highest quality of training we desire and advocate for. 

What are your favorite things to do in Minnesota/Twin Cities area?

Being in Minnesota, I love taking advantage of the lakes and outdoor activities! I enjoy spending time paddle boarding or running on the countless trails throughout the city and nearby regional parks. 

What are three adjectives you would use to describe your classmates?

My classmates are supportive, funny, and hardworking! 

What is one of your future goals as a physician?

As a future OBGYN, one of my future goals is to be a strong patient advocate and provide the highest quality of patient-centered care that I can provide. Now more than ever, I strive to keep all of my patients safe while partnering with them to uphold their goals of care.