Pre-Award and Proposal Development Services: About Us

The pre-award and proposal development services unit has and will continue to roll out in a phased approach that includes three phases: 

PHASE 1: INCEPTION (In progress and ongoing)

Building the team:

  • Hired the Director of Pre-Award and Proposal Development Services: Jamie Dillon, MBA; VA/UMN Research Manager: Erin Brudvik, MPP; Program Manager: Jessica Chiovitte, MHSc; and Grants and Contracts Officer, Jordan Webb and Grants Coordinator, Kristin Hogsett, MPH; (Complete).
  • Hire a cohort of Grants and Contracts Coordinators

Short-term solutions to meet immediate needs: 

  • Provide grant support, including budget development, to reduce/minimize faculty administrative burden, exclusive of grant writing, and support areas in need of administrative support and resources for grant submissions. 

  • Observe T32 submissions and renewals to gather data on the current processes involved to centralize table data collection and oversight.

Additional school-wide resources: 

  • Develop standardized templates (budget, timeline) that pre-award team members across the school can download and utilize.

  • Establish a research administration training program to complement existing University training and support faculty.

  • Create a mentor/mentee training program 

  • Centralize training grant data management support for efficient table development

  • Develop and manage boilerplate templates for repeatedly used documents, such as facilities, resources and equipment.  


  • Develop and apply the team-based structure for pre-award support

  • Continue to build awareness and provide support


  • Full implementation of the team including seamless pre-award support across the Medical School, training of research administration staff and junior faculty, continuous update of templates, centralized tools and resources, and analysis of feedback for optimal continued successful submissions.

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