Exceptional Primary Care Community Faculty Teaching Award

The University of Minnesota invites you to participate in the selection of the Exceptional Primary Care Community Faculty Teaching Award to honor our community faculty members. The Medical School endeavors with these awards to honor and encourage the kind of preceptor teaching, in a primary care setting, that medical students hold in esteem. Winners receive a recognition certificate and a $1,000 award from the Minnesota Medical Association. Two awards will be made annually.


  • Demonstrates provision of outstanding community-based primary care

  • Inspires students to consider careers in primary care

  • Provides at least three years of continuous or recurring teaching of medical students in any year of training

  • Models professionalism

  • Contributes major, enduring contributions to student learning

  • Engages students meaningfully in patient care

  • Demonstrates using best evidence for patient care

  • Directly observes students with patients

  • Gives meaningful, specific, actionable feedback as a community preceptor


Open to all primary care community faculty (family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics) who teach medical students in any of the four years of their training.

Nomination Process

Evaluation will be based on student evaluations and the portfolio of the nominee.  Award winners will be selected by the Medical School Awards Committee. Nominations will be accepted from clerkship directors, students, residents, and faculty.