Fundraising Assistance

Successful fundraising requires careful planning and coordination, and a good place to start is with the experienced development personnel at the University of Minnesota Foundation.

UMF staff are prepared to assist faculty members interested in attracting private support for their academic programs. We can help you:

  • determine fundraising feasibility
  • develop a written case for support and other printed materials
  • develop a fundraising plan and key strategies
  • identify potential audiences and prospects
  • cultivate and solicit major gift prospects
  • help you and your donors take advantage of complex gift planning techniques
  • develop direct mail and telemarketing strategies
  • acknowledge and recognize donors in the proper manner
  • coordinate efforts with other fundraising initiative
  • ensure that your fundraising efforts are compatible with University and IRS guidelines and requirements

For more information, contact Carmela Kranz, associate vice president of development, at 612-626-8481 or