Research Opportunities

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Graduate Programs

As an MSTP student at the University of Minnesota, you will be able to pursue a broad range of biomedical research opportunities in any of the following graduate programs:

Many faculty research preceptors hold appointments in multiple graduate programs, which will provide you with additional flexibility in selecting the graduate program that meets your needs. Descriptions of faculty research activities can be found at the button below or under the More Information side menu of this page.

MSTP Faculty Research Preceptors

Research Centers and Institutes

In addition to individual Graduate Programs, the University of Minnesota has many research centers and institutes that focus on specific disciplines or diseases. The vast majority of MSTP faculty preceptors are members of one or more centers and/or institutes, which will provide you access to additional collaborative resources and support during your research training. Explore additional research opportunities with the following centers and institutes:


Translational research

Genetics and development