Meet Our Staff

Marina Barnes
Marina Barnes
Unpreserved Donor Lead
(612) 625-4990
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Casey Fleming
Training and Operations Coordinator
(612) 625-4990
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James Harmon, MD, PhD
James Harmon
, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery
(612) 625-7911
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Angela M. McArthur
Director, Anatomy Bequest Program
(612) 625-0618
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Gabby Anderson
Gabby Anderson
Donation Coordinator Specialist

Gabby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science. She joined the Anatomy Bequest Program in 2022. Gabby takes care of general inquiries about the donation process through email and phone correspondence.

Jestina Cowley
Preserved Donor Coordinator


Jestina is currently in pursuit of furthering her education at the University of Minnesota. She has had some medical training.

Jestina joined the Anatomy Bequest Program in Fall of 2021. She works to prepare donors and anatomical material for courses and transfers. She also assists with a variety of anatomical procurements to support research requests.

Matt DeRuiter
Intake Lead/Embalmer


Matt joined the Anatomy Bequest Program in 2023. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mortuary Science from the University of Minnesota’s Mortuary Science program, and is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a mortician.

Prior to joining the Anatomy Bequest Program, Matt served as a funeral director in the Twin Cities for several years. Matt is responsible for the physical examination of donors entering the Anatomy Bequest Program. Utilizing his experience as a mortician, he also oversees the anatomical preservation of donors to support clients with their training and research needs; as well as college educational courses throughout Minnesota, including here at the University. Matt holds the dignity of our donors in the highest regard, and is privileged to care for those that enter our program.

Brianna "Bri" Garrett (She/Her, He/Him)
Preserved Donor Lead

Bri graduated with a Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Minnesota in 2019. Prior to joining the Anatomy Bequest Program in 2021, she had four years of anatomical dissection experience from teaching Zoology and Human Anatomy courses. In addition, she has worked for several years in emergency medicine and primary care clinics, as well as conducted research at the University. Bri coordinates research and education needs throughout the state and takes lead in a wide variety of anatomical procurements to support internal and external end users. In his position as preserved donor lead, he greatly values the ability to combine his anatomical and medical experience and is committed to provide excellent quality of service as a representative of the program.

Chelsea Mathison
Unpreserved Donor Coordinator


Chelsea graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota in 2015. She has a background in public health education. She has held a variety of roles at the Anatomy Bequest Program, first joining in 2018 as the Office Administrative Specialist before taking on the role of Lab Administrative Specialist.

In 2023 Chelsea returned to the Anatomy Bequest Program as the Unpreserved Donor Coordinator. In this role she works to support internal and external end users by preparing donors for medical education, training, and research events.

Sarah J. Paulsen
Office Manager


Sarah has a background in mortuary science and training as a bereavement support group facilitator.

Sarah joined the Anatomy Bequest Program in 2006.  She is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a mortician. Sarah oversees the daily operations of the Anatomy Bequest Program office which includes the coordination of over 600 whole body donations annually.

Linnea Seidelmann
Donation Coordinator


Linnea joined the Anatomy Bequest Program (ABP) in 2016.  As a donation coordinator, she exchanges information by phone or email with individuals planning ahead considering whole body donation and with next of kin after donation has occurred. Linnea also presents information sessions for ABP education and community outreach.

Prior to joining ABP, Linnea worked for 10 years as a funeral home and cemetery manager in Washington. Linnea is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a mortician and is a graduate of St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota with degrees in biology, psychology and mortuary science.

Shannon Vadnie (She/Her)
Lab Manager


Shannon graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Humanities from St. Cloud State University in 2006, began a Master’s program studying Adult Education, and later earned an Advanced Standing Diploma in the area of Mortuary Science from Des Moines Area Community College in 2013. Shannon worked in the funeral industry for seven years before taking a break to provide childcare for family members. In April 2018, she joined the Anatomy Bequest Program as the Staff Embalmer and worked part-time to support the mission of the program while honoring the wishes of the donors to be involved in medical education and research. In October 2021, seven months after she transitioned to the role of Course Coordinator, she moved into the Lab Manager position. In addition to overseeing daily lab operations, being a part of the leadership team, and training staff, Shannon is also the Lab Safety Officer and is committed to ensuring a safe learning and work environment by remaining compliant with various regulatory bodies. Shannon is a licensed mortician in the State in Minnesota and an active participant in the Midwest Regional Body Donation Program Consortium.

Jason Vollmer
Donation Coordinator


Jason joined the Anatomy Bequest Program (ABP) in 2020. He is licensed by the state of Minnesota as a mortician and previously worked in funeral service for several years. He also had the fortunate experience of working with ABP as a student employee while attending the Program of Mortuary

Science at the U of M. Jason’s primary role is to coordinate all of the details associated with bringing a donor into our care when a death occurs. He also visits with the donor’s family members to gather the necessary information to file the death certificate and obtains and reviews medical history to help with donor placement.


Medical School

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Address: 3-102 Nils Hasselmo Hall, 312 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455