Live Suture Sessions for EMMD7500

PI: Mary Ann McNeil

Overview: The department of Emergency Medicine traditionally provides wound care training sessions for medical student in EMMD7500. Since the advent of COVID19 we have continued to provide this training through a live Zoom session. Students are sent a package of suture equipment prior to the start of Part A. The package contains: forceps, scissors, scalpel, needle driver, and 2 sets of 0-4 suture. The group (usually 20+ students) is divided into 2-3 smaller groups to promote individual participation and allow the resident instructor time to give individual feedback. The resident instructor uses a video camera focused on his/her hands for the demonstrations. The resident instructor then watches all of the participants(via their Zoom) practice the various stitches, giving continuous feedback. During this time, the resident instructor also facilitates discussion on indications and contraindications for sutures, skin prep, aseptic technique and other relevant information. It takes about an hour to practice several suture ties, and receive feedback. The resident instructor will do 2-3 sessions in a row depending on the size of the rotation. Once students have demonstrated skills, the session ends without summative assessment. Students are allowed to keep their suture materials and encouraged to keep practicing on their own.

Budget: $9,000

This project is supported by the UMN COVID-19 Medical Education Innovation Grants, which support full-time faculty (educators, investigators or clinical) or P&A educators at the University of Minnesota Medical School to develop education (basic science or clinical) and simulation projects related to COVID-19, more general pandemic-related knowledge and skills, or professional development activities that would be possible during this time of shelter at home.