Consultation with your MSTP Clinical Continuity mentor

In consultation with your MSTP Clinical Continuity mentor, select a day and time for the MSTP Grand Rounds Presentation. Notify Susan Shurson at least three weeks in advance so that the MSTP Office can secure an appropriate room for the meeting.

Develop your presentation

Develop the presentation in consultation with your MSTP Clinical Continuity mentor. There should be two components to the presentation:

Clinical case presentation (20-25 minutes) consisting of:

  • History
  • Physical exam
  • Initial imaging and laboratory information
  • Sequential release of information (in the sequence available to the primary MD team)
  • Engage the audience in analysis after each element of clinical data is presented

Interactive presentation of current science aimed at understanding the highlighted clinical problem (20-25 minutes)

  • Discussion of current science/molecular mechanism need not be comprehensive. Choose one key aspect of the problem and discuss this focused area in terms of what is known and what are the unanswered questions of relevance to a physician scientist.

Students may elect to present the clinical case first, followed by the presentation of current science, or integrate the two components throughout the presentation.

Need assistance with your presentation?

You are encouraged to consult with MSTP leadership and senior MSTP students to provide feedback on your presentation.

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