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Science and medicine at the University of Minnesota

Where you pursue your MD/PhD education is no small decision. We would like to help you learn how the University of Minnesota Medical Scientist Training Program can help you reach your educational and career goals. Please browse this page for information on research and clinical opportunities at the University of Minnesota, our application processes and procedures, and life in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Additional information about the training pathway and professional life of physician scientists can be found on the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Why Pursue an MD-PhD information page. We are happy to answer any additional questions you might have; feel free to contact us!

MSTP students have access to a broad array of biomedical research opportunities in 12 graduate school programs. Students choose from a list of over 100 faculty who have been approved as thesis mentors for MSTP students, a list that continues to grow as our students seek out new avenues of research. Opportunities for collaboration and innovative research are rapidly expanding as the University is in the midst of adding 700,000 square feet of research space in new state of the art facilities.

The University of Minnesota Medical School is the only MD program in the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, giving our students full access to clinical training opportunities in a variety of hospitals and clinics in many different communities. You can stay active in medicine during your graduate work in a number of ways, including the student-run Phillips Neighborhood Clinic or the MSTP Clinical Continuity Course, designed specifically for MSTP students in grad school.

The University of Minnesota MSTP provides a fully integrated training experience that reinforces the connection between science and medicine that is a hallmark of the physician scientist career track. Throughout all phases of training, MSTP students participate in activities that emphasize the integration of science and medicine, and provide opportunities to establish mentoring relationships and expand professional networks.

The UMN Medical School's Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity recently interviewed current medical students about their experiences at the UMN and "why Minnesota." Follow the links below to hear from current UMN MSTP students, or click here to see responses from more medical students.

MSTP admissions statistics

The 2022 admissions cycle:

  • Number of applications: 387
  • Number matriculated: 9
  • Average GPA of interviewed applicants: 3.78 (range 2.73 – 4.00)
  • Average GPA of accepted applicants: 3.76 (range 2.73 – 4.00)
  • Average MCAT of interviewed applicants: 513 (range 500 – 522)
  • Average MCAT of accepted applicants: 513 (range 499 – 519)


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