Kirsten Snook

Kristin Snook, MS4

Name: Kirsten Snook, she/her/hers, MS4


What aspects of the curriculum at University of Minnesota Medical School are your favorite? 

One of my favorite aspects of our curriculum is the vast opportunities for clinical training we have here. As the only medical school in the Twin Cities area, we get to learn at multiple different hospital systems, all of which have their unique strengths. It is a great experience to learn different electronic health systems, how different systems function, and it means we have the opportunity to serve a diverse patient population from all sorts of backgrounds. Additionally, I love how they work to get you into "doctor"ing classes starting right away as a first year. While you still have to learn the biochemistry before you learn the deeper pharmacology, it was so much fun to have opportunities to learn physical exam and doctorly skills right away! 

What are your favorite things to do in Minnesota/Twin Cities area?

I am a huge coffee fan, and prior to the pandemic I loved to explore new coffee shops to study at (the pandemic made that a little more difficult, but coffee houses are open again)! I also love trying new restaurants, local breweries, Twins games, and taking walks or bike rides around the lakes. Minneapolis is an extremely activity-friendly city!

What are three adjectives you would use to describe your classmates?

Driven, passionate, and kind. 

What is one of your future goals as a physician?

I am going into Pediatrics, and am so excited to empower my patients and families to take charge of their own health decisions and build healthy habits that can last them a lifetime. Peds is a fun field where I know I will smile every day at work, while having the chance to connect with kids and families during some extremely difficult times and be a source of support for them. I have also loved being involved in various aspects of medical education and peer support/mentorship during medical school, so definitely can see myself being involved in MedEd or general mentorship as my career progresses!