The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research has released its 2022 rankings, and our Medical School is ranked #21 of all U.S. medical schools and #8 among all public U.S. medical schools in NIH funding. This is an incredible achievement for our faculty and staff. 

We have achieved the goal set by the Board of Regents and the State of Minnesota to be a top 25 medical school by 2023. We did this at the same time that we train 70% of the state’s physicians and rank #3 nationally in primary care training. These accomplishments demonstrate both the excellence and commitment of our faculty and staff. 

This achievement belongs to the faculty and staff who have worked tirelessly on new ideas, collaborated in different ways, and built a platform of success that we will continue to grow. We are grateful to the State of Minnesota for the investment in our Medical Discovery Teams (MDTs) and other research programs, and to the thousands of donors who support our faculty in this pursuit of excellence. This is truly a team effort, and patients across the state of Minnesota will continue to benefit from this innovation, investment and leadership for years to come.


A ranking is a moment, but what it means in a more lasting sense is that this school can continue to enhance our ability to deliver new cures, treatments and care models, recruit the best physicians and faculty to care for Minnesotans, and prepare the next generation to serve communities across the state.

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