Thanks to the hard work, expertise and creativity of the faculty, staff and students of this Medical School, we remain a top 25 (all) and top 10 (public) medical school in the 2023 Blue Ridge Research Rankings. 

The Blue Ridge rankings show the University of Minnesota Medical School at #24 and #9 (public), and we are seeing stable and consistent growth year-over-year.

Our trajectory remains strong, especially when considering:

  • Our increase in NIH research funding is greater than the overall NIH funding increase itself and again makes up about 78% of the University's total NIH funding

  • The total number of grants increased by 50 relative to last year

  • Last year, a single, $66M grant lifted us to the slightly higher ranking. This year Medical School awards increased by $20 million even without that grant

2023 Blue Ridge Research Rankings

These rankings are a measurement but the real impact is in the improvements in medicine and care delivery. That is what keeps us always working toward the next treatment, cure, or care model.

Medical School Departments in the Top 10:

  • Family Medicine & Community Health: #1
  • Surgery: #4
  • Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics: #6
  • Pediatrics: #7

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