Student Involvement

Students are an essential component in the accreditation process through their involvement in surveys, participation in sub-committees and student champion groups, and through participation in LCME site visits. Students involved in the accreditation process provide a much-needed voice in shaping the medical school and its success in meeting LCME requirements. This serves to improve educational outcomes and the student experience. For more information about our current 16 citations and the improvements to date, visit our main LCME page here.


Student Champions

Students are serving as Champions for each of our current 16 accreditation findings. Students were selected based on their current interest and leadership in the related finding. The role of Champion includes:

  • Developing an understanding of the student perspective on specific LCME requirements and our current citations
  • Advising Administration about whether a proposed solution is likely to address the current citation
  • Helping communicate messages to students about the improvement work being done
  • Participating in discussions and meetings with the administration owner for each citations
  • Suggesting survey questions to be added to the 2021-22 academic year Accreditation Monitoring Survey



Student Champion(s)

Administrative Owner


CQI Steering Committee Representatives

Mitchell Moe

Denise Quintanilla

Sydney Boike

Mark Rosenberg


Diversity/Pipeline Programs and Partnerships

Sally Jeon

Courtney Cotsonas

Ana Nunez



Sufficiency of Buildings & Equipment

Study/Lounge/Storage Space/Call Rooms

Nuwan Pathagamage

Mark Rosenberg



Required Clinical Experiences

Faculty Appointments

Amrit Vasdev

Leah Larson

Chris Johns

Malu Suresh

Betsy Murray (6.2)

Amanda Termuhlen (9.2)



Program & Learning Objectives

Comparability of Education/Assessment

Seah Buttar

Betsy Murray

Kevin Diebel


Cultural Competence & Health Care Disparities

Kriti Prasad

Betsy Murray 

Kevin Diebel


Interprofessional Collaborative Skills

Krystina Kalland

Christopher Seaver

Lauren Elyse Penz

Betsy Murray

Kevin Diebel


Monitoring Student Time

Rejowana Rouf

Betsy Murray

Kevin Diebel



Assessment System

Formative Assessment & Feedback

Logan Peter

Claudio Violato

Kevin Diebel


Student Advancement & Appeal Process

Sam Olson

Alec Boike

Michael Kim

Robin Michaels



Career Advising

Personal Counseling/Well-Being Programs

Jenn Kalkman

Jade Cohen

Maggie Plattes

Michael Kim

Robin Michaels


Student Access to Health Care Services

Miller Balley

Michael Kim

Robin Michaels


Accreditation Monitoring Survey (AMS)

In January 2022 a student survey will be distributed to collect data related to our current LCME citations. This survey is required by the LCME and will be essential information for monitoring our progress. All data will be incorporated into our report to the LCME. Student engagement will be critical, as our target is to have a >80% response rate.


Executive Student Council 

The UMMS accreditation team is actively engaged with the Executive Student Council at their monthly meetings. The Vice Dean for Education and Academic Affairs, Mark Rosenberg, and the Director of Accreditation, Compliance, and CQI, Joe Oppedisano, are present to give LCME updates and answer any questions from the group. 


Continued progress on Independent Student Analysis (ISA) recommendations

As part of the accreditation self study process, the Independent Student Analysis was distributed in January 2018. Data collected from the ISA provided the foundation for identifying gaps and creating action plans to address areas of improvement. A dashboard has been created to track progress of the student recommendations. The dashboard includes high priority student recommendations, their status, and other information. It is updated frequently to reflect the most current efforts. If you are interested in viewing the dashboard, it can be found here. To read more about the progress made on the high priority student recommendations, see this 2-page report from January 2021.