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Minnesota, your health starts here

The University of Minnesota trains 70% of our state’s doctors. Make sure that those who will take care of your community get the best education possible by investing in medical education at the U. 

At the University of Minnesota Medical School, we’re creating new care models centered on maintaining health, not just treating disease. And from day one, we’re teaching the importance of collaborative, coordinated patient care through hands-on learning experiences on our two campuses and throughout our state.

Your gift to medical education at the U of M today is an investment in top-tier training for Minnesota’s doctors of tomorrow.

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Future Physicians Scholarship Fund >>

This fund provides scholarships to medical students with demonstrated financial need, making careers in medicine accessible to talented and driven people from all backgrounds, regardless of means.

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Medical Education: Educational Development and Research >>

This fund supports the U’s Medical Education Outcomes Center, which collects and interprets data to improve the way medical students learn – with downstream positive effects on the communities they will one day serve.

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Regional Dean’s Scholarship Fund >>

This fund provides scholarships to top Minnesota students beginning their medical education at the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Duluth campus, which places an emphasis on training rural, primary care, and Native American physicians.

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Rural Physician Associate Program Fund >>

This program, established more than 50 years ago, allows interested third-year medical students to spend nine months in a rural community, working alongside physicians to learn what life is really like for small-town doctors.

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M Simulation Fund >>

Our M Simulation program develops and implements innovative simulation-based educational opportunities, allowing trainees to learn in safe environments while preparing them for clinical practice.

Illustration of a man
Need a doctor?

The Medical School’s Mark Rosenberg, M.D., talks about what it will take to fill Minnesota’s physician shortage.

Group of nursing students in simulation suite
Practice makes perfect

Our M Simulation facility is equal parts state-of-the-art hospital and eye-popping stage show.

Historic photo of doctor
What shapes tomorrow’s physicians

A wise former U of M Medical School faculty member believed great physicians needed to be well-rounded people first.

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Carrie Albers
Director of Development, Scholarships & Medical Education

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Elizabeth Simonson
Director of Development, Medical School, Duluth Campus