Medical Students in the M Health Fairview System Operations Center

PI / Dept: Brian Hilliard | Medicine

Overview: Interhospital transfer is a major consideration in all acute care settings and impacts patient and system level outcomes. The intention of this elective is to allow medical students to participate in high level system operations and patient triage from hospitals outside and around the MHealth Fairview system. This includes working with senior system clinical operations leaders and hospital medicine triage physicians to evaluate potential transfers from outside hospitals and coordinate the effective and safe disposition of these patients. Self paced modules focused on the ethics of rationing, pandemic modeling, crisis standards or care, and advocacy are included. Students will also aid hospitalists in the care of patients at UMMC by helping prepare drafts of documents such as discharge summaries.

Budget: 10000 | Summary: 60% of the support will go for salary support of Brian Hilliard for further in person teaching and online module developement. 40% will go for salary support of Holly Reed to serve as the rotation coordinator and administrator.

Group recommendation: Reviewers fully support this project and would like to see budget presented in more detail.

This project is supported by the UMN COVID-19 Medical Education Innovation Grants, which support full-time faculty (educators, investigators or clinical) or P&A educators at the University of Minnesota Medical School to develop education (basic science or clinical) and simulation projects related to COVID-19, more general pandemic-related knowledge and skills, or professional development activities that would be possible during this time of shelter at home.