Research & Equipment Grants

Medical School grants

Research and equipment grants are awarded to Medical School faculty for basic and clinical research. Priority is given to startup funding for new faculty, bridge funding during lapse of an NIH R01 or similar type grant, and equipment funding.

Historically, more than 40 percent of all grant recipients have been able to use the data they have gathered—and the conclusions they have drawn from that data—to leverage substantially larger awards from other sources, such as the NIH and NSF. It has not been uncommon for a University of Minnesota Foundation grant of $15,000 or less to produce data that eventually generate a $1 million award. And approximately 45 percent of all grant recipients publish the results of their investigations.

Assistant Professor Startup Funding and Equipment Funding grant applications are received two times per year: March 15 and September 15. NEW: Applications for Bridge Funding now have four deadlines per year: March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

ATTENTION: All submissions moving forward will be submitted via online submission forms. DO NOT EMAIL applications to

Please closely review the application guidelines. Submit applications using the following link: MS/UMF Submissions.

For more information about faculty research and equipment grants sponsored by the University of Minnesota Foundation and the Medical School, contact Steph Hulting at