How to Apply

Application procedure for the University of Minnesota MSTP

We welcome your application to the University of Minnesota’s MSTP (MD/PhD). Follow these steps to submit an application:

  1. Complete the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) no later than September 30 of the year you wish to apply. MCAT scores more than three years old are not acceptable.
  2. Verify that you will have completed all course prerequisites prior to your intended matriculation date. If there are courses that you have not yet completed, create a time table for satisfying these requirements.
  3. Complete and submit your medical school application via AMCAS: Applications are open between June 1 and November 15 for a matriculation date in late June/early July of the following summer. To complete the application you will need:
      • MCAT Scores
      • Academic Transcript
      • Personal Statement
      • MD/PhD Statement
      • Significant Research Experience Statement
      • Biographical Information
      • Official Transcripts
      • Four letters of recommendation OR one committee packet. At least one letter must be from a research advisor
      • Select applicants will be invited to complete a brief supplemental application. There is no fee to associated with the supplemental application

The application deadline is November 15. However, decisions regarding interviews and admissions are made on a rolling basis. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to complete their applications early.

Completed applications are forwarded to our office upon final verification by AMCAS. Our office may contact you with a request for additional information.

Click here to learn more about our evaluation process.

Applicants who apply to the University of Minnesota MSTP are not eligible to be considered for admission to MD only in the same application year. Individuals interested in applying for MD only may reapply in the next application year. Applicants can apply a total of three times to the MSTP or MD program, and there is a waiting period of one year (one admission cylce) between the second and third applications. The second and third applications must be significantly different from the previous one(s). Applicants also need to follow the Medical School guidelines on reapplication found on the Medical School admissions website.

NOTE: Do not assume that your file is complete until you have received notification from the MSTP office. If you feel that you have completed all of the requirements for application but have not received notification from the Program, please contact us via telephone at 612-625-3680 or email


B681 Mayo Building, MMC 293
420 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-625-3680 | Fax: 612-626-5994