Julia Meyer

Julia Meyer, MS1

Name: Julia Meyer, She/Her/Hers, MS2

Email: meye2607@umn.edu

What aspects of the curriculum at University of Minnesota Medical School are your favorite?

Some of my favorite aspects of the curriculum at the University of Minnesota include that classes are pass-fail and allow for self paced learning with pre-recorded lectures. We also have the opportunity to be present with peers and professors in person which is a nice balance. We are taught clinical skills such as how to take a patient's history and conduct a physical examination during our first semester, so we already get to start practicing like real doctors!

What are your favorite things to do in Minnesota/Twin Cities area?

Some of my favorite things to do in the Twin Cities area are try new restaurants and go walking around the Lake of Isles or Bde Maka Ska. I enjoy the variety of food and drink options that are available in the area. When I am not in the Twin Cities, I love to travel!

What are three adjectives you would use to describe your classmates?

Driven, Compassionate, and Successful

What is one of your future goals as a physician?

As a future physician, one of my goals is to incorporate both academic and clinical medicine into my practice. I am interested in teaching and would like to be involved in medical student/resident education as I believe learning and collaborating with mentors is extremely valuable!