Jan Lunden Award

The award honors Mr. Jan Lunden, businessman, and philanthropist, who recognized excellence in biomedical research and generously supported it through contributions to molecular hepatology research at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Clifford J. Steer, M.D., professor of medicine and cell biology, established the award in 1997 in honor of Mr. Lunden.


Applications are invited for the Jan Lunden Award, which recognizes outstanding research by a graduate or medical student in the field of molecular hepatology at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Twin Cities.

Nomination process

The nomination form and all application materials should be submitted electronically as a single PDF.

  • A cover letter outlining the nature of the research
  • The research paper
  • A letter from the faculty sponsor outlining the role the student played in the research and the significance to the field of research
  • Student CV

Nomination Deadline
Anually on February 15