Adriana Dhawan

Assistant Professor of Medicine


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Dr. Adriana Dhawan is an internal medicine/pediatrics hospitalist, a graduate from the University of Minnesota. Originally from New Mexico, Minnesota's well-developed global health curriculum drew her to the Midwest, where she plans to practice with a focus on hospital-based medicine and international health.

Research Summary

Global Health Education; Clinical Medicine

Teaching Summary

Tanzania International Medicine Site Director; UMMC Inpatient Process of Care Clerkship Director

Clinical Summary

Hospital Medicine; Global Health

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Magedov, I. V., Manpadi, M., Ogasawara, M. A., Dhawan, A. S., Rogelj, S., Van Slambrouck, S., Steelant, W. F., Evdokimov, N. M., Uglinskii, P. Y., Elias, E. M., Knee, E. J., Tongwa, P., Antipin, M. Y., Kornienko, A., 2008. Structural simplification of bioactive natural products with multicomponent synthesis. 2. antiproliferative and antitubulin activities of pyrano[3,2-c]pyridones and pyrano[3,2-c]quinolones.. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 51 (8): 2561-70.
doi: PubMed ID: 18361483.