Apostolos Georgopoulos

Regents Professor
McKnight Presidential Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Summary

Brain Mechanisms of Movement and Cognition; Functional Brain Biomarkers; Cortical Networks There three major goals of our research: First, to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying motor control and cognitive processing; second, to develop functional brain biomarkers for various brain diseases; and third, to understand the workings of developing cortical networks. For the first aim, we pursue experimental psychological studies, neurophysiological recordings, functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at high fields (3, 4 and 7 Tesla), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and neural network modeling (using a supercomputer). For the second aim, we use MEG. And for the third aim, we record electrical activity from embryonic cortical cell cultures using multielectrode arrays.Magnetoencephalography of brain function Neural mechanisms of cognitive processes Neurophysiology of motor control and cognition Functional MRI of motor and cognitive processes




1 Veterans Dr

Minneapolis, MN 55417-2309