Arin Ellingson

Assistant Professor


Awards & Recognition

  • K12 Scholar - Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Engineering Career Development Program, 2016
  • NIH Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Award Recipient, 2015
  • NIH T32 Musculoskeletal Research Training Grant Post-Doctoral Fellow - Mayo Clinic, 2013-2015
  • American Society of Biomechanics Young Scientist Pre-Doctoral Award, 2013
  • NIH T32 Musculoskeletal Training Grant Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Minnesota, 2011-2013
  • University of Minnesota GAPSA Scholarly Travel Grant, 2012
  • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship - University of Minnesota (Declined), 2012
  • The Schoofs Prize for Creativity design Competition, First Place, 2008
  • RERC on AMI International Design Competition, Second Place, 2008
  • Certification of Recognition for Undergraduate Research Efforts, 2008
  • Biology in Engineering Certificate, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008
  • Outstanding Performance in Biomedical Engineering Scholarship, 2008
  • University of Wisconsin - College of Engineering Dean's List, 2004-2008 

Professional Associations

  • American Society of Biomechanics
  • Orthopaedic Research Society

Research Summary

Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Ellingson’s primary research focus is to detect biomechanical and imaging based biomarkers of spinal health. The diverse causes of back and neck pain lead to difficulties in differential diagnosis, hindering patient-specific individualized treatment. Dr. Ellingson’s multifaceted research strategy aims to overcome these limitations by identifying aberrant spinal motion patterns, quantifying intervertebral disc pathology, and isolating neuromuscular responses to pain. Ultimately, by integrating these approaches he strives to assess and enhance an individual’s functional ability in an effort to improve their quality of life.

Current Research Funding Grants

Scoliosis Research Society: Biomechanical and Mechanical Intervertebral Disc Profiles in Developmental Spinal Deformities

Selected Publications

  • Ellingson AM, Shaw MN, Giambini H, An KN. Comparative Role of Disc Degeneration and Ligament Failure on Functional Mechanics of the Lumbar Spine. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. In Press
  • Ellingson AM and Nuckley DJ. Helical Axes Patterns of the Lumbar Spine Altered by Severity of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration. Journal of Biomechanics, 2015. 48(2): 361-9.
  • Ellingson AM, Nagel TM, Polly Jr. DW, Ellermann J, Nuckley DJ. Quantitative T2* (T2 star) Relaxation Times Predict Site Specific Proteoglycan Content and Residual Mechanics of the Intervertebral Disc Throughout Degeneration. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 2014. 32(8): 1083-9.
  • Schroeder D, Korsakov F, Knipe C, Thorson L, Ellingson AM, Nuckley D, Carlis J, Keefe DF. Trend-Centric Motion Visualization: Designing and Applying a New Strategy for Analyzing Scientific Motion Collections. Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on.2014;20(12): 2644-2653.
  • Ellingson AM, Mehta, H, Polly Jr. DW, Ellermann J, Nuckley DJ. Disc Degeneration Assessed by Quantitative T2* (T2 star) Correlated with Functional Lumbar Mechanics. Spine, 2013. 38(24): E1533-40.
  • Ellingson AM, Yelisetti V, Schulz CA, Bronfort G, Downing J, Keefe DF, and Nuckley DJ. Instantaneous Helical Axis Methodology to Identify Aberrant Neck Motion. Clinical Biomechanics, 2013. 28(7):731-735.
  • Dahl MC, Ellingson AM, Mehta HP, Huelman JH, Nuckley DJ. The Biomechanics of a Multilevel Lumbar Spine Hybrid Using Nucleus Replacement in Conjunction with Fusion. The Spine Journal, 2013(2): 175-183.
  • Ellingson AM, Nuckley DJ. Intervertebral Disc Viscoelastic Parameters and Residual Mechanics Spatially Quantified using a Hybrid Confined / In Situ Indentation Method. Journal of Biomechanics, 2012. 45(3): 491-6.
  • Mehta H, Santos E, Ledonio C, Sembrano J, Ellingson A, Pare P, Murrell B, and Nuckley DJ. Biomechanical Analysis of Pedicle Screw Thread Differential Design in an Osteoporotic Cadaver Model.Clinical Biomechanics, 2012. 27(3): 234-40.
  • Coffey D, Korsakov F, Ewert M, Hagh-Shenas H, Thorson L, Ellingson A, Nuckley DJKeefe DF. Visualizing Motion Data in Virtual Reality: Understanding the Roles of Animation, Interaction, and Static Presentation. Computer Graphics Forum,2012. 31(3): 1215-24.
  • Jackson B, Coffey D, Thorson L, Schroeder D, Ellingson AM, Nuckley DJ, Keefe DF. Toward Mixed Method Evaluations of Scientific Visualizations and Design Process as an Evaluation Tool.BELIV 2012: Beyond Time and Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization, Workshop at IEEE VisWeek 2012, 2012.
  • Wheeler DJ, Freeman AL, Ellingson AM, Nuckley DJ, Buckley JM, Scheer JK, Crawford NR, Bechtold JE. Inter-Laboratory Variability in in vitro Spinal Segment Flexibility Testing. Journal of Biomechanics, 2011. 44(13): 2383-7.

Teaching Summary

Clinical Biomechanics; Advanced Biomechanics; Human Kinetics




426 Church St SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455-0222