Corey McGee

Associate Professor

Research Summary

Dr. McGee is a musculoskeletal rehabilitation translational scientist whose clinically-relevant research objective is to improve the health and participation of persons with upper limb musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, as an educator of entry-level and post-professional occupational therapy learners, Dr. McGee’s scholarship of teaching and learning objective is to test the impact of didactic training on learner self-efficacy. His active and past research fall in the following domains: 

  • Characterizing and validating factors that predict responsiveness to a restorative intervention for persons with hand osteoarthritis 
  • Developing and validating procedures for assessing hand strength, thumb mobility, and thumb CMC OA related disability 
  • Studying rehabilitation intervention effectiveness for persons with forearm fragility fractures 
  • Advancing measurement of the upper limb strength and force requirements during select daily activities 
  • Studying entry-level student acute care ‘knowledge and skills’ self-efficacy 

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