Gregor Adriany, PhD

Associate Professor, CMRR

Gregor Adriany

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Office Phone 612-625-9385

Office Address:
1-211J CMRR

Associate Professor, CMRR

Faculty, PhD Program in Medical Physics


Dr. Gregor Adriany is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology. The main focus of his work is the design and implementation of novel ultra high field RF coils and related front-end components. After receiving an MSEE from the RWTH University of Aachen, Germany and work for Siemens Medical in Erlangen he joined our lab in 1994 to pursue a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. He graduated with a Doctorate in engineering (Dr. Ing.) from the RWTH Aachen in 1998 and continued his research at the CMRR as a staff scientist.


Research Summary/Interests

  • Transmit Arrays (7T, 9.4T, 16.4T)
  • Novel Transmit - Receive array coil combinations for UHF
  • Specialty coils for the small bore systems (9.4T, 16.4T)


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