Paul Bigliardi, MD

Professor, Department of Dermatology

Paul Bigliardi

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516 Delaware St. SE, MMC 98
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Nancy Miller (Non-clinical)

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Professor, Department of Dermatology


MD, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dermatology/Venereology: University of Basel, Switzerland

Allergology/Clinical Immunology: University of Basel, Switzerland

Master's Degree, Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland

Bachelor Degree, Medicine, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bigliardi please call (612) 625-5656.

Dr.Bigliardi is Professor and Director of Dermato-Allergy Division Department of Dermatology. He is working on building up a Dermato-Allergy Division at UMP focusing on diagnostic and management of various allergic conditions, such as contact dermatitis, food and drug allergies/intolerances



Awards & Recognition

2015 Supervisor and expert of AGS A*STAR graduate school for PhDs

2003 Roche Prize 2003 of the Swiss Dermatology Society; Annual Meeting, Lausanne

2002 UPSA Pain Institute Switzerland 2002 Pain Award: 70th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Internal Medicine, Geneva]

1997 Support for Research lab from Novartis Research Foundation

1995: "Wilhelm Lutz Award 1995" of the "Alfred Marchionini Stiftung" for opioid research in Minnesota

Professional Associations

Member & Board Member International Narcotics Research Conference INRC
Member Singapore Academy of Medical Science
President of Swiss Contact Dermatitis Research Group Swiss Society for Dermatology and Venereology SSDV
Member European Tissue Repair Society
Member International Forum for Study of itch IFSI
Member European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology EAACI
Member & teacher Swiss Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology SSAI
Member American Academy of Dermatology AAD


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Research Summary/Interests

Clinical and Translational Research: novel designs and executions of clinical trials in skin, allergy and wound healing and integration of innovative non-invasive laser devices (e.g. Raman spectroscopy and photoacoustics MSOT) to study healthy and diseased skin in humans

Skin Toxicology and Transcutaneous Absorption: combine and cross-validate information’s from in-vitro human 3D skin models (organotypic cultures) on microfluidic chips with in-vivo studies using novel laser devices and evaluate skin toxicology, transcutaneous absorption and metabolism of various compounds in skin; using novel CRISPR technology for real time toxicology on the organotypic skin; integrating 3D printing technologies.

Allergology and Immunology: drug induced allergies and intolerances; immunologic interactions with microbiome in skin; ethnic differences in allergic reactions; effects of pollution on allergens and immune system; role of skin barrier in skin irritation and sensitization to microbial and contact allergens.

Peripheral Opioid receptor research and Neurodermatology: Discoverer and key opinion leader of Opioid receptor system in skin and its effects on peripheral sensation (pain and itch), nerve regeneration and skin homeostasis, epidermal differentiation, adhesion, migration and their application in skin wound healing, ageing, modulation of cutaneous circadian rhythm and tumour growth. Role of peripheral nervous system and various neuropeptides/neurotransmitters in skin sensation, wound healing and interactions between peripheral nerves endings and skin cells using co-culture 2D and 3D models and electrophysiology, molecular biology and proteomics. Evaluating the role of skin cells as sensory cell with sensory receptors (e.g. olfactory, taste, opsin, touch) and modulating effects of opioids in transmitting all sensation. This includes investigations on the bi-directional interactions and role of Neuro-Immuno-Skin axis in skin pathophysiology.

Wound healing: biofilm and microbiome, wound infections; wound disorders; scar formation; novel wound dressings, allografts; cross-talk between immune cells, nerves and epidermal cells in wound healing

Photobiology: study immediate and delayed effects of various light qualities (from UV to Infrared) on various skin cells in-vitro (including specific opsin receptors); design novel targeted photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy; development of novel devices to study standardized and reproducible the effects of defined wave lengths on skin cells in-vitro and human skin in-vivo

Hair biology: differential expression of genes and proteins in healthy and diseased scalp skin; role of micro-RNA in hair biology and discovery of a new pathway involved in miniaturization of hair


Use of selective delta-opioid receptor Modifiers and specific sensory receptor ligands. Inventors: Bigliardi-Qi M and Bigliardi PL. Pending patent (PCP filed 02.2014; No PCT/SG2014/000025)
Multi-spectral calibrated light source for long term cell culture study. Inventors: Paul Lorenz Bigliardi (IMB); CHUA Soo Jin (NUS; IMRE); TAY Chuan Beng (NUS); WANG Ben Zhong (IMRE); Mei Bigliardi-QI (IMB); Institutions: IMB, IMRE, NUS, Provisional SG Patent application filed 6.3.2015; Application No: 10201501747P; IMB/P/08796/00/SG; ILO Ref: 15030N-SG/PRV
Specific targeting of melanocytes and melanoma cells by photodynamic therapy using ligated photosensitizers directed against MC-1 receptors. Inventors: Paul Lorenz Bigliardi; Mei Bigliardi-Qi; Brandon Burkett, Bhimsen Rout, Aakansha Pant. PCP filed 24.8.2015; ETPL Ref: IMB/P/09104/00/SG, SG application number 10201506686W
Thin Film Deposited Inorganic Metal Oxide as a Selective Substrate for Mammalian Cell Culture Inventors: Dykas Michal Marcin, Poddar Kingshuk, Thirumalai Venky Venkatesan, Krishnan Kutty Viknish, Bigliardi Paul, Bigliardi Mei. ILO Ref: 15151N-US/PRV, ETPL Ref: IMB/Z/09162, US prov 62/285,222
Microfluidic chip system for standardized, reliable and high-throughput screening and analysis Inventors: Paul Lorenz Bigliardi, Zhiping Wang, Wu Ruige, Massimo Alberti, Wu Bo, Mei Bigliardi-Qi, Sriram Gopu, Srinivas Ramasami, Yuri Dancik. ETPL Ref: IMB/Z/09559
Developing Novel Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic p-phenylenediamine Analogues for Hair Dyes and Temporary Tattoos Inventors: Pastorin Giorgia, Bigliardi Paul L, Valiyaveettil Suresh, Venkatesan Gopalakrishnan, Sinha Arup, Dancik Yuri H, Bigilardi-Qi M. ILO Ref: 2017-101; ETPL Ref:
Submitted: Systems and Methods for analyzing cutaneous conditions Inventors: Massey Jeremy M, Alam Syed H, Bigliardi Paul L, Bigliardi-Qi Mei; applicant Ref JAT/AS/sng/17004948, application No 10201706752X


Teo SL, Santosa A and Bigliardi PL: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome-Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis overlap to an anti-histamine – Fexofenadine. J Invest All Clin Immunol, 27 [3], DOI 10.18176 / jiaci.0158, 2017

Jiang J, Ho Siu-Yin B, Ge Q, Xie XM, Yu Z, Bigliardi PL and Bigliardi-Qi M: Aging in hair follicle stem cells and niche microenvironment. J Dermatol. DOI 10.1111/1346-8138.13897, 2017

Alberti M, Dancik Y, Gopu S, Wu B, Teo YL, Feng Z, Bigliardi-Qi M, Wu R, Wang Z and Bigliardi PL: Multi-chamber microfluidic platform for high precision skin permeation testing. Lab chip, Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI 10.1039/c6lc01574c, 2017

Eberle AN, Rout B, Bigliardi-Qi M and Bigliardi PL: Synthetic peptide drugs for targeting skin cancer: malignant melanoma and melanotic lesions. Curr Med Chem, DOI 10.2174 / 092986732466617060510594205, 2017

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Rout B and Bigliardi PL: Pattern-Generating Unimolecular Sensors: For Future Differential Sensing and Molecular Computing. Synlett; 28:9:1005-1010, DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1588721; 2017

Bigliardi PL, Rout B, Pant A, Kutty V, Eberle A, Burkett B and Bigliardi-Qi M: Specific Targeting of Melanotic Cells with Peptide Ligated Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy. Scientific Reports, 7: 15750, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-15142-w; 2017

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Leong C, Neumann C; Ramasamy S, Rout B, Lim Y, Bigliardi-Qi M, Bigliardi PL: Investigating the dynamics of endogenous ?-opioid receptors in human keratinocytes as pharmacological targets using fluorescent opioid ligand. PLOS one ; Vol 12, epub DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0188607, 2017

Alberti, M, Gopu S, Dancik YH, Wu B, Wu R, Ramasamy S, Bigliardi-Qi M, Bigliardi PL* and Wang Z* (* co-last authors): Full thickness human skin-on-chip with enhanced epidermal morphogenesis and barrier function. Accepted for publication in Materials Today 11/22/2017 (MATTOD_2017_317)


Academic Interests and Focus

Basic and translational research in Neurodermatology, skin pharmacology and Allergy/Immunology. This includes as well multidisciplinary research and development of modern non-invasive measurement methods and epithelia-on-chip.


Clinical Interests

Dermatology; Allergology