William Stauffer, MD, MSPH, FASTMH

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine

William Stauffer

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Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine

Travel and Tropical Medicine

Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Residency, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Fellowship, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


Dr. Bill Stauffer is a Professor Departments of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. He also holds appointments in the Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases & in the School of Public Health. He is clinical faculty in Infectious Diseases HealthPartners Specialties Center/Regions Hospital. He is an expert in travel and tropical medicine working in clinical medicine, surveillance and policy development. He serves as the lead medical advisor to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Global Migration and Quarantine (Immigrant, Refugee, Migrant Health Branch) where he works on issues of human mobility and how it effects human health (e.g. travel medicine, refugee & immigrant health). He Co-Directs the UMN/CDC Global Health Course and other online courses. He works extensively overseas in clinical medicine education, research and in public health, most recently in Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand, Malaysia. His research areas have included infectious disease surveillance, malaria diagnostics, neglected tropical diseases, cost evaluation of public health programs, strongyloidiasis and viral hepatitis. He acts as an advisor to the European Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and chairs an Inter-Governmental Refugee Health Work-Group aimed at aligning medical management of refugees. 

Areas of Expertise

  • How human mobility affects infectious diseases.


  • How human mobility affects infectious diseases.

Awards & Recognition

  • Medical/Technical Advisor. European Union Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Euro Health Group. EU/EAA Evidence Based Infectious Disease Guidelines (2015- pres)
  • Advisor. Regional Emmy® Award (Upper Midwest). The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Recognition for contribution to the Regional Emmy® winning production “American Heart”. Topical Documentary. (2014)
  • Fellow, Inaugural year. American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
  • Nakano Citation. Honor Award Certificate. National Center for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013)
  • Director’s Recognition Award. National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011)
  • Health Equity Award. National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases (NCPDCID), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2009)
  • Honor Award for exemplary partnership in clinical and epidemiologic monitoring of illness related to international travel. National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases (NCPDCID), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2009)
  • Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Selected as only Minnesotan in the top U.S. Travel Physicians. (2007)
  • University of Minnesota Medical Center Education Excellence Award. (2006)

Professional Associations

  • Lead Medical Advisor, Immigrant, Refugee and Migrant Health Branch. Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Center for Zoonotic and Emerging Infections.
  • Staff, Infectious Diseases & Tropical and Travel Medicine Clinic, HealthPartners


Research Summary/Interests


Primary work is on infections and diseases in mobile populations including refugees, immigrants, migrants and travelers. Currently working on prevention of importation of malaria into the United States through African VFR travelers, point-of-care diagnostics (e.g. malaria, Loa loa), soil-transmitted helminths and other neglected tropical diseases, zoonotic infections, and cost-evaluation of public health interventions.

Research Support


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10/01/2015-09/31/2019
The CENTER: Centers for Excellence, a Network for Training and Epidemiology in Refugee Health.
Goal: Development of a Centers of Clinical, Research and Policy Excellence in Refugee Health
Role: CDC Advisor to Minnesota Grant.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NCEZID RVA-CK-14-004) Stauffer (PI) 10/01/14-09/30/19
"Reducing US malaria by testing multiple interventions in a multisite stepped wedge design".
Goal: Three center proposal (Minnesota, Washington DC, NYC-Bronx) to decrease malaria importation into the US through VFR travelers
Role: PI

United States Aid for International Development (AID-OAA-A-1500014) Pelican/Deen 11/17/14-11/16/19
“Global Workforce development against emerging pandemic threats”
Role: co-investigator


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Academic Interests and Focus

Global Health


Co-director of the UMN /CDC Global Health Course; Asian Clinical Tropical Medicine Course, Faculty


Board Certifications

  • Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Clinical Interests

Tropical medicine; Parasitology, Travel and Tropical Medicine, General Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Adult Infectious Disease