Jose Pardo


Research Summary

Dr. Pardo leads a research program which seeks to elucidate the functional architecture of the human brain with particular emphasis on how dysfunction within neural networks relates to psychiatric disorders. The multidisciplinary approach (in close collaboration with the Brain Sciences Center, Department of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, and GRECC) involves methods from cognitive neuroscience, including several imaging modalities, particularly PET and fMRI.His team identified the anterior cingulate cortex as a pivotal locus of cognitive aging in otherwise healthy individuals (Neuroimage. 2007 April 15; 35(3): 1231–1237). They now seek to understand the significance and pathophysiological basis of this finding in the context of systems neuroscience, biochemistry, and animal models. They are also using brain imaging for early diagnosis of the dementias (Alzheimers Dement. 2010 July; 6(4): 326–333). Given the current heterogeneity of psychiatric diagnosis, a developing interest is imaging genetics to identify genotypes with defined psychiatric phenotypes that may lead to improved models of mental disease. For additional information, see the Pardo laboratory website at

Clinical Summary

Mood disorders; treatment-resistant; neuroimaging




VA Medical Center
One Veterans Dr, Dept CNU 11-P
Minneapolis, MN 55417