Liang Ye

Assistant Professor


Dr. Liang Ye recieved rigorous training in bone biology, specifically osteoclast gene discovery and osteoclast differentiation & activity, at Harvard University as a Ph.D. candidate. During this period, he performed bone biology projects using molecular biology tool, cell biology tool and genetics tool. Dr. Ye also has research experience in craniofacial biology. In September 2014, Dr. Ye completed his Ph.D. degree (Harvard University). He continued to further his research abilities at The Forsyth Institute doing experiments as well as developing original research ideas that were further improved and consolidated when serving as a graduate research assistant and then postdoc research fellow. 

Before arriving in the United States, Dr. Ye received his dentistry and orthodontics degree in China where he completed rigorous training in medicine, dentistry as well as orthodontics. Due to a large number of patients, he has been involved in numerous craniofacial deformity cases as an orthodontist and an orofacial researcher. His ability to think translationally was nurtured.

At the University of Minnesota Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Ye applies his research experience and expertise in osteoclast differentiation & activity, bone remodeling, bone mineralization, craniofacial biology as well as characterization of bone and craniofacial phenotypes of genetically modified mouse strains to research fields of bone biology and craniofacial & oral issues in rehabilitation medicine.

Research Summary

Research Summary/Interests

  • Orofacial rehabilitation & TMD
  • Osteoclast differentiation & activity
  • Balancing between osteogenesis and adipogenesis



NHH 2-270

Minneapolis, MN 55455-0215