Luca Vizioli

Assistant Professor


Dr. Luca Vizioli is an Assistant Professor in the U's Departments of Neurosurgery and the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR). He received his PhD from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging, University of Glasgow, Scotland. Dr. Vizioli is a seasoned researcher and a reviewer for several scientific journals. He has gained extensive experience in working in ultrahigh-field imaging at CMRR. His main duties revolve around developing basic and transitional fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) research programs, with a keen eye towards intraoperative fMRI.

When he has spare time, Dr. Vizioli enjoys reading, basketball, and music (guitar, drums, piano).


  • PhD, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • BA, Psychology and Sociology, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Studies, University of Glasgow

Research Summary

Dr. Vizioli's main research interests lie in the optimization of submillimeter fMRI, geared towards the non-invasive study of human cortical layers and columns; what can be learned about the human brain by pushing spatial and temporal limits of fMRI; the development and optimization of novel fMRI analytical tools; how top-down modulations shape neural responses to identical stimuli; vision; and face processing. 




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