Mark Fiecas

Associate Professor


The focus of my research is to understand the structure and function of the human brain through the use of imaging technology. My experience with neuroimaging research spans a broad range of areas, from studying the connectivity of the human brain to investigating genetic underpinnings of brain phenotypes. My interdisciplinary research focuses on functional connectivity and imaging genetics. From a methodological perspective, my primary interest is in time series analysis.


Aging, genetics, mental health, methods, neuroimaging, EEG, fMRI, time series, sleep, Bayesian methods

Mailing Address

420 Delaware St SE MMC 303 Mayo Minneapolis, MN 55455

Research Summary

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Select Recent Publications

  • Fiecas M, Cribben I, Bahktiari R, Cummine J. "A variance components model for statistical inference on functional connectivity networks," NeuroImage, Jan 2017
  • Vuoksimaa E, Panizzon MS, Chen CH, Fiecas M, et al. "Is bigger always better? The importance of cortical configuration with respect to cognitive ability," NeuroImage, April 2016
  • Vuoksimaa E, Panizzon MS, Chen CH, Fiecas M, et al. "The Genetic Association Between Neocortical Volume and General Cognitive Ability Is Driven by Global Surface Area Rather Than Thickness," Cerebral Cortex, 2015



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