Andrew Harris, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Andrew Harris

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-250-0863

PhD, University of Minnesota, 2005


Andrew Harris is a senior investigator at the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute and an associate professor in Medicine and Psychology at the University of Minnesota. His research involves the use of preclinical models to study the behavioral pharmacology of addiction to nicotine, opioids, and other drugs of abuse.


Behavioral models of drug addiction including intracranial self-stimulation and intravenous self-administration, Behavioral pharmacology, Behavioral neuroscience


Research Summary/Interests

My research involves the use of animal models to study the behavioral pharmacology of addiction to nicotine and other drugs of abuse. The long-term goal of this work is to inform the development of more effective preventions and treatments for drug addiction. Specific areas of interest include: a) Development of models involving tobacco product exposure to inform FDA regulation of tobacco products and to understand the role of non-nicotine constituents in tobacco addiction; b) Role of negative affective (emotional) withdrawal symptoms and other factors in individual differences in vulnerability to drug addiction; c) Development of novel pharmacotherapies for addiction including the neuropeptide oxytocin and immunotherapy (vaccines and monoclonal antibodies). I use a number of behavioral models to address ion, place / taste conditioning, and locomotor sensitization.