Mingquan Lin

Assistant Professor, Division of Computational Health Sciences


Dr. Lin is an assistant professor in the Division of Computational Health Science and possesses extensive experience in medical image analysis. He has developed advanced techniques for medical image analysis, including segmentation, diagnosis, prognosis, and biomarker identification.

Research Summary

Dr. Lin's main research focus is on artificial intelligence in medical image analysis, encompassing segmentation, diagnosis, prognosis, and biomarker identification. Additionally, he is interested in multimodal biomedical studies that utilize text, images, clinical variables, and gene data for various tasks. He aims to develop advanced models that prioritize fairness, robustness, and explainability to enhance patient outcomes.

Creative Activity Summary

  • Associate editor: Medical Physics (2024-present)

Awards and Recognition

  • Postgraduate Scholarship, City University of Hong Kong
  • Chan Sui Hung Best Student Award, City University of Hong Kong
  • National Scholarship, China Ministry of Education

Service Summary

  • Research Fellow, Department of Radiation and Oncology, Emory University, 2020-2021
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Population Health Science, Weill Cornell Medicine, 2021-2024


PhD, City University of Hong Kong, 2020


Administrative Contact