Paul Iaizzo

Professor and Director of Visible Heart Laboratories
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anesthesiology


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Research Summary

Translational Systems Physiology Physiology of skeletal and cardiac muscle (in vivo, in situ and in vitro); Medical device design. Cardiac Anatomy: Pathophysiology of human skeletal muscle. Effects of anesthetic agents on the function of extrafusal and intrafusal skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. Development of novel instrumentation and biomedical devices for physiological monitoring, clinical evaluation and/or therapeutic use. Role of elevated intracellular [Ca2+] in: 1) cell signaling; 2) dystrophic processes within skeletal muscle; and 3) cell toxicity. Physiological and pathological oscillations of the musculoskeletal system (e.g., tremor, shiver and clonus). Physiology of thermoregulation and biomedical applications of heat transfer in humans. Non-invasive and invasive correlates of wound formation, status, healing and prevention: development of animal models, and the design of biomedical instrumentation. Cervical and lumbar spinal cord biomechanics and management of back pain.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

2013. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research. Special Issue on Cardiac Anatomy. Springer Science + Business Media



B172 Mayo, MMC 195
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Administrative Contact

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