Richard Bianco

Professor and Director of Experimental Surgical Services
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Schappa Faustich, J., Lahti, M., Ashworth, P., Dalmasso, A. P., Moklyak, Y., Bianco, R. W., 2022. New Model for the Assessment of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Devices in Sheep. Journal Of Investigative Surgery , 35 (2): 371-377.
Kelly, R. F., Bianco, R. W., 2021. Increased utilization of bioprosthetic aortic valve technology: Trends, drivers, controversies and future directions. Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy , 19 (6): 537-546. Minneapolis, United States:
doi: PubMed ID: 33928833.
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Zhang, B. L., Bianco, R. W., Schoen, F. J., 2019. Preclinical Assessment of Cardiac Valve Substitutes: Current Status and Considerations for Engineered Tissue Heart Valves.. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 6 72.
doi: PubMed ID: 31231661.
Koodie, L., Robertson, M. G., Chandrashekar, M., Ruth, G., Dunning, M., Bianco, R. W., Davydova, J., 2019. Rodents Versus Pig Model for Assessing the Performance of Serotype Chimeric Ad5/3 Oncolytic Adenoviruses.. Cancers, 11 (2):
doi: PubMed ID: 30744019.
Reimer, J., Lahti, M., Berry, J., Johnson, S., Bianco, R. W., Tranquillo, R. T., 2017. Corrigendum: Tissue engineering of acellular vascular grafts capable of somatic growth in young lambs.. Nature communications, 8 14297.
doi: PubMed ID: 28094248.
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Schomburg, J., Medina, E., Lahti, M., Bianco, R. W., 2012. Dabigatran Versus Warfarin After Mechanical Mitral Valve Replacement in the Swine Model. Journal of Investigative Surgery , 25 (3): 150-155.
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Bianco, R. W., 2005. Re: Gregoric ID, Frazier OH, Tamez D, et al: Thrombogenicity of mechanical aortic valves in an animal model: site specific testing is crucial. ASAIO J 50: 376-380, 2004.. ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992), 51 (1): 121; author reply 122.
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PubMed ID: 11499598.
Westaby, S., Bianco, R. W., Katsumata, T., Termin, P., 1999. The Carbomedics "Oxford" Photofix stentless valve (PSV). Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery , 11 (4 Suppl 1): 206-209.
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PubMed ID: 9827651.
Salerno, C. T., Droel, J., Bianco, R. W., 1998. Current state of in vivo preclinical heart valve evaluation. The Journal of Heart Valve Disease , 7 (2): 158-162.
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Bianco, R. W., 1997. Cardiovascular Implants Cardiac Valve Prostheses. ANSI/AAMI/ISO 5840:1996 Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation,
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Grants and Patents

Grants and Patents


Calcified Annulus Model for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.



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