Ryan Langlois

Associate Professor McKnight Presidential Fellow

Research Summary

Immunity to influenza virus infectionsInfluenza A virus (IAV) represents a major global health burden. Despite yearly vaccinations the virus is able to escape seasonal immunity requiring yearly vaccination and the threat of novel pandemics loom. Therefore continued understanding of the host-pathogen interactions and protective immune responses are critical for broadly protective vaccine development. Our overall research goal is to address fundamental questions in virology and viral immunology that have been difficult to dissect using conventional approaches. We utilized host-derived microRNAs, small non-coding RNA capable of mediating silencing of mRNA, to restrict the natural tropism of IAV. This allows for previously unavailable insights into immune responses to the virus. Additionally, we generate novel reporter viruses to further define the relationship between cellular tropism and immunity as well as to determine infected cell fate. A more comprehensive understanding of virus infection requirements that dictate immunity will be critical for the design of next generation vaccines and therapeutics




1-117 MRF
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